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Table of Contents. Volumes 11 - 31 (2001-2022)

(Volume No., Issue No., Month & Year - Feature Articles shown in bold
- other articles listed below)

Volumes: 31  30  29  28  27  26  25  24  23  22  21  20  19  18  17  16  15  14  13  12  11 

Vol 11.12 July 2002: 

Challenging & Enforcing CCMA arbitration awards.

The Mineral & Petroleum Resources Act.
The new "con-arb" procedures at the CCMA.

Vol 11.11 June 2002: 

The new law of retrenchment.

Misconduct by shop steward at CCMA arbitration.
When a shift allowance is not part of "remuneration".

Vol 11.10 May 2002: 

The new Unfair Labour Practise.

Vol 11.9 April 2002: 

Probationary Periods for New Employees.

Vol 11.8 March 2002: 

Pre-dismissal arbitration.

Recent Labour Appeal Court judgements dealing with:
- "Bumping" in retrenchments
- Dismissal of senior executives for poor performance.

Vol 11.7 February 2002: 

Consequences arising out of the sale or transfer of a business.

Organisational rights and the right to strike.

Vol 11.6 January 2002: 

Dismissal for abuse of e-mail.

The unilateral implementation of wage offers.
The return of the employment contract.

Vol 11.5 December 2001: 

The demise of the recognition agreement.

Restructuring and retrenchment : pitfalls for employers.
Protection of strikers outside the bargaining unit.

Vol 11.4 November 2001: 

The Ups and Downs of promotion and demotion.

Aspects of discrimination in recruitment

Vol 11.3 October 2001: 

Defining who is an "employee".

A review of the law dealing with the differences between employees and independent contractors.
Sueing the union for losses after an unprotected strike.

Vol 11.2 September 2001: 

Dismissal for collective misconduct.

A matter of evidence.
Reconvening disciplinary inquiries.

Vol 11.1 August 2001: 

Sick Leave.

Employers and employees rights and obligations.
Aspects of strike action.