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Table of Contents. Volumes 11 - 31 (2001-2022)

(Volume No., Issue No., Month & Year - Feature Articles shown in bold
- other articles listed below)

Volumes: 31  30  29  28  27  26  25  24  23  22  21  20  19  18  17  16  15  14  13  12  11 

Vol 17.12 July 2008: 

The payment of benefits due to deceased employees

The CCMA's jurisdiction to hear operational requirements dismissals.
Involving trade unions in consultations under s189 of the Labour Relations Act.

Vol 17.11 June 2008: 

Ill health and dismissal

The consequences of false evidence

Vol 17.10 May 2008: 

When is it too late to enforce an award?

Common law constructive dimissal
Jurisdictional disputes and the CCMA

Vol 17.9 April 2008: 

When does an alien become an employee? - The rights of foreign workers

Reviewing CCMA awards in the aftermath of Sidumo

Vol 17.8 March 2008: 

The employment and dismissal of sex offenders

The existence of a dispute in strikes and lockouts
The review of private arbitration awards
Minister corrects BCEA notice on earnings threshold

Vol 17.7 February 2008: 

Missed Promotions

When an employer has to justify a decsion not to promote
Minister increases BCEA earnings threshold
The rights of CCMA commissioners to dismiss disputes
Affirmative action, safety and protected disclosure

Vol 17.6 January 2008: 

Operational requirements or incapacity?

The Consitutional Court on dismissal, administrative action and jurisdiction

Vol 17.5 December 2007: 

Public holidays at twice the price. When public holidays fall on a Sunday

Calculating the earnings threshold for the BCEA
The delivery of records to the court in review proceeedings

Vol 17.4 November 2007: 

Outsourcing and the transfer of a business as a going concern

Compensation for procedurally unfair retrenchment
Is retrospective re-instatement unlimited?

Vol 17.3 October 2007: 

The role of reasonableness in dismissal

The Constitutional Court in Sidumo vs Rustenburg Platinum

Vol 17.2 September 2007: 

Striking in sympathy

Enforcing arbitration awards - employee remedies
The retrenchment process: s189a of the LRA

Vol 17.1 August 2007: 

Automatically unfair dismissals

Dismissals which follow the employee exercising a statutory right